Terms & Conditions

When placing an order with Paul Paice Blinds & Beds you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out on this page. These terms and conditions are relevant to all products and services provided by Paul Paice Blinds & Beds, whether purchased on our website or from our showroom. These terms and conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a customer.

1. General

1.1 Each order placed will be contractually binding once your confirmation of order has been received. It is the discretion of the company to accept or decline any order.

1.2 When corresponding with us in any form please quote your order confirmation number (this is the delivery surname name and post code).

1.3 Paul Paice Blinds & Beds has the right to amend and change the terms and conditions at any point of time. These can be related to but not limited to payment methods, legal changes, delivery, system capabilities and all other subjects.

1.4 All items are provided with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty (in relation to article 8).

1.5 Many items come flat packed and need to be assembled. They are designed so they can be assembled by the reasonable individual. We highly advise not to make arrangements with any tradesmen hired to assemble the furniture until you have checked the new goods have arrived ensuring all parts have been delivered and nothing is damaged.

1.6 Its critical any existing furniture is also not disposed of or disassembled until the new goods have been delivered, as Paul Paice Blinds & Beds will not be liable for any failed deliveries out of its control (in relation to article 6).

2. Cancellation

2.1 If you would like to cancel your order or amend the order please contact Paul Paice Blinds & Beds at least 24 hours prior delivery of the item.

2.2 Please allow up to 5-10 Working days for the funds to show in your account from the point of cancellation, assuming goods have not been dispatched.

2.3 If your order is already dispatched with one of our couriers and you want to cancel the delivery you will be charged for the delivery expenses in order to redeliver the goods. This includes rejecting delivery at the door unless agreed prior otherwise.

3. Returns and Exchanges

3.1 You have a 14-day money back no-quibble return from the day you receive the goods. However, some provisions apply.

3.1.1 The goods must be in their original packaging or suitable packaging (suitable packaging includes all parts of the item packaged)

3.1.2 Any item that is already assembled cannot be returned unless the item is defective or incorrect, items must be returned unused.

3.2 Defective or incorrect item – if the item is defective or incorrect, we will need to verify this. Please understand that liability is on you to provide clear images before arranging a return or exchange. You will be required to provide images.

3.3 Incorrect and defective items will be replaced for you as long as sufficient evidence has been provided.

3.3.1 If the item has been damaged by yourselves or from incorrect use of the item, this will breach your warranty and we shall not replace the items.

3.4 If there is nothing defective or incorrect with the item and you will like to return the item, we can arrange a collection for you at a cost from £49. The cost of receiving the goods, the collection service, will be deducted from your refund. Goods can be returned via your own courier arrangements. This is also subject to 3.1.1 and 3.1.2.

3.4.1 When arranging a collection service for damaged or faulty goods on the agreed date, it’s important you are available on the date and time arranged. If collection is missed on more than two occasions due to failure to be available you will be liable for any further costs to collect the goods.

3.4.2 Any mattresses that have been used and is after the 14-day money back guarantee cannot be returned.

3.4.3 We will not accept liability for an item defective from fair wear and tear, damage by the consumer, negligence, or damage from a third party.

3.4.4 We will also not be responsible for damage from failure to follow assembly instructions and repairs/alterations you have carried out in your personal capacity.

3.5 Returning the items yourself – You will be subject to all the above conditions

3.5.1 – We will not be offering any compensation for the journey, this includes but is not limited to money for fuel, courier expenses, time off work and all other related matters.

3.5.2 – All parts, fixtures and fittings must be returned, any parts damaged during transit will be chargeable with the cost deducted off the refund when returned to us via your own courier arrangements.

3.6 You remove the right for a refund if you dispose of the item before it has been collected or returned.

3.7 Refunds are not issued prior to collection of goods.

4. Collections

4.1 Any collections will be from the delivery address (unless otherwise agreed). The date for collection will be at our discretion, however we will try to make it suitable for you.

4.2 If you will not personally be available for collection on the day agreed although have stated another individual will take your place, you will need to notify us via email.

4.3 Our collection service will only collect from the communal door and will not collect from any upper floors or below floors i.e. basement.

4.4 If you require the collection service to collect from a room in your home we will not be liable for any negligence caused to you or your property. This is at your own accord and risk. Paul Paice Blinds & Beds will not be liable for any damages.

4.5 If damage does occur and you do not oblige to the above policies and open a dispute, we can require a payment for wasted costs for collection.

4.6 Once again we remind you that you have a legal obligation to take reasonable care of the products received (all the original packaging is left with you) and if you breach this, we have the right to be compensated for the breach.

4.7 Allow up to 5-10 days for the funds to be returned from the point of collection.

4.8 You are also subject to 3.6.

5. Description and Specification of Items

5.1 All images, drawings/illustrations, sizes and descriptions advertised on our website or on the product packaging are created to assist you with an approximate idea of the items we provide on our website.

5.1.1 All our goods and services descriptions are updated regularly and we provide the most suitable descriptions in relation to the item.

5.1.2 All the goods are manufactured according to industry standard. This includes mattresses following all the UK fire resistant guidelines and policies.

5.2 All items will be provided with the specification as detailed in the description.

5.2.1 Paul Paice Blinds & Beds will make all efforts to match colours and stitching to all the finishes on the item, however in some instances colours and stitching may vary.

5.2.2 Depending on the climate conditions colours may change.

6. Delivery

6.1 Paul Paice Blinds & Beds shall make all efforts to deliver the order within the time frame that has been requested or confirmed. Moreover, we only provide estimates and not guarantees. However, for reasons out of our control deliveries may get cancelled or may not be delivered and we shall rearrange for you.

6.2.1 To prevent fraudulent transactions, if you would like to change the delivery address you will have to provide proof of ID that you are registered at the billing address. A utility bill, driving license or passport copy would suffice for us to change the address. It is at Paul Paice Blinds & Beds discretion to change the address and we have the right to decline to change the address. Once the item is dispatched or routed the address cannot be changed and if you would like to change the address it may incur a charge for redelivery.

6.3 We offer a FREE delivery service to customers within 5 miles of our showroom:
111 Portland Road, Weymouth, Dorset, DT4 9BG.

6.3.1 Addresses between 6 – 60 miles of our showroom are chargeable at the rates listed on our delivery details page. Please contact us for details if you are outside of our 60 mile radius.

6.4 All of your items when being delivered to you will be fully insured by us.

6.5 If you miss a delivery of an order that has been confirmed, you may incur a charge for a redelivery.

6.5.1 If for any reason the delivery service does not deliver your item, we will not be liable for any time taken off work or other costs occurred as a result.

6.6 Deliveries through the festive periods and national holidays may incur an additional charge.

6.7 If there are any restrictions to access at the delivery address, it is your duty to notify us and provide the necessary information.

6.8.1 It is your duty to make sure that the delivery to your address is obstruction free.

6.9 When placing an order with us we do not accept any responsibility to any damage to your property during delivery.

7. The Order

7.1 Once the goods are delivered they will be your responsibility.

7.2 In relation to 3 and 4 we will not be liable for any storage costs that you incur whilst we exchange or collect.

7.2.1 This also applies if our delivery service or supplier has sent out the wrong item/s.

7.3 Occasionally when vacuum packed and rolled memory mattresses arrive, they naturally give off a chemical smell as they are manufactured using polyurethane and other chemicals. These are organic compounds and you will need to let it air for at least two days; in rare cases allow up to 7 days.

8. One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

8.1 With all our products you have also secured a FREE one year’s manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty starts from the date you sign for the delivery of goods. However, some exclusions do apply.

8.2.1 We will also not be responsible for damage from failure to follow assembly instructions and repairs/alterations you have carried out in your personal capacity.

8.2.2 Carrying out your own repairs or attempts to reconstruct any parts.

8.2.3 Damages through misuse, negligence or third party.

8.2.4 Inability to provide sufficient proof or evidence of the extent of the damage.

8.2.5 Items assembled on a hard floor.

8.3 The product is covered by the warranty solely for manufacturing defects. The warranty does not state the item can be returned within the one year for a full refund. Paul Paice Blinds & Beds will ONLY replace the parts or product in question. No alternative or different product will be offered. It is to our discretion if we choose to send out parts or replace the full product. We will take care in making our professional and accurate judgement when auditing your concerns.

9. Force Majeure and Limitation of Liability

9.1 Paul Paice Blinds & Beds is excluded from all liability related to any failure to perform, or delay in performance of, any obligations under a contract that is caused by events out of our control.

9.2 The total liability whether negligence or any other losses would be limited to the value of the order.

9.2.1 This includes but not limited to profit loss, consequential damages, expenses, lost income, third party claims etc.

10. Data Protection and GDPR

We comply with all the statutory requirements of Data Protection Act 1998, as well as General Data Protection Regulation and all your personal information is confidential and secure. Your information will never be shared or sold to any third party.